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Today’s World of web analytics for publishers:

  • Multi-channel: Tracks websites, mobile apps and social networks
  • Easy implementation on your site – No technical background needed
  • AI pre-configured for always showing the best results
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use


aiFeed answers all your questions

Using aiFeed, the publishers and content owners will deeply understand their audience demographic composition, interests as well as behavior while they are using their content services.


What makes aiFeed different from other analytics solutions?

Easy to implement, operate and use

  • No technical background required thanks to plain easy menus and point and click
  • AI powered classification for the articles with zero configuration

Audience retention tools

  • Fresh users’ recommendations based
  • Loyal users’ recommendations very specific to their interests

Deals with content as assets

  • Monitor Sections assets inventory
  • Identifies gap between supply and demand
  • Tracking article and author value over time
  • Section utilization efficiency analytics
  • Section performance over time

Help for the editorial process

  • Content evolvement monitoring
  • Identify content gap
  • Authors analytics

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